Serbian Air Traffic Controllers’ Association is a voluntary professional organisation which gathers air traffic controllers involved in the activities which concern safety, regularity and efficiency of air traffic.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

Since March 19th 2007 the Association has had the name Serbian Air Traffic Controllers’ Assciation (SRBATCA), and it is a legal successor to Serbia and Montenegro Air traffic Controllers’ Association (SMATCA). The Association continues the tradition of the Yugoslav Air Traffic Controllers’ Association, founded in 1964, which became a member of IFATCA on 16 April 1965.

Following years of absence from the international federation – IFATCA, the Association (under the name of JUKL at the time) was re-admitted as a full member on April 19th 2002. Since then, our representatives have regularly attended IFATCA European Regional meetings, as well as the global Annual Conferences, whenever it was feasible. Let us remind you that IFATCA is an international body representing more than 50000 air traffic controllers from 130 countries, which makes it one of the largest and best-organised professional associations worldwide.

In carrying out its objectives SRBATCA acts through the following bodies:

Membership in SRBATCA is voluntary and it comprises three categories: Professional (Full), Associate and Honorary. There are currently about 250 professional members, mainly active air traffic controllers, whose work greatly contributes to the interests, reputation, and honourability of their profession and of the Association.